Announcement of CAMPUS MISSIONARY Search


甘城华人教会坐落在佛罗里达大学(University of Florida)所在的城市Gainesville,这里有数千名来自中国大陆、台湾、香港、和东南亚国家讲中文的学生和学者。为了扩大在校园的福音事工,甘城华人教会拟聘请一位校园传道,具体要求如下:

  1. 纯正的福音派信仰,有硕士以上神学学位或同等资历的神学训练

  2. 服事对象以在UF和Santa Fe校区讲中文的学生和学者为主

  3. 中文流利,英文可以沟通。能够和当代学生和职业青年在文化和语言上无障碍沟通

  4. 具有服事年轻人和大学生的经验,有教导、关怀、和培训的恩赐

  5. 有组织、策划、和领导能力,有团队精神,善于与牧师和教会长执沟通

  6. 有在学生和年轻人中传福音的负担和热情

有意者请与校园传道招聘委员会主席乔虹力( 联系,并提交以下申请资料:

  1. 三封推荐信:其中至少一封来自牧长或神学院老师

  2. 个人履历:包括得救见证和服事经历

  3. 服事理念:包括福音异象,核心价值,和事工策略

Hiring Campus Missionary

The Gainesville Chinese Christian Church is located in Gainesville, FL. Home to the University of Florida, Gainesville sees thousands of Chinese-speaking students and scholars from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. To spread the gospel across the campus, the Gainesville Chinese Christian Church plans to hire a new campus missionary, who is:

  1. Strong in the evangelical faith, with theological trainings higher than or equal to that conferred by the Master of Divinity.

  2. Willing to serve Chinese-speaking college students.

  3. Fluent in Chinese and proficient in English, able to overcome the generation gap and communicate effectively with students.

  4. Experienced in serving youths and college students and gifted in teaching, caring, and training.

  5. Capable of organizing, planning, leading, teamworking, and communicating with pastors and church elders.

  6. Eager to spread the gospel among youth and student groups.

If you are interested in applying, please contact HongLi Qiao, the chair of the campus missionary committee at You will need the following documents to support the application:

  1. Three letters of recommendation, one of which must be from a seminary or church ministry.

  2. Personal resume, including a testimony of faith and a summary of past ministry experience.

  3. Ministry values, including statements of vision, core values, and missionary methodology.